We believe in long-term goals and development. Each tree that has been cut today promotes the prosperity of Latvia for tomorrow. Each tree that is planted now builds the prosperity of Latvia and its inhabitants in the future. These renewable nature resources has a great role for the existence and development of Latvia.

By noticing opportunities and long-term solutions, we want to help to make an environment, where people can work grow and provide prosperity for themselves and for their family in far future.


We do all the work with our own machinery

Purchase of felling area

We buy all sorts of trees

Purchase of forest estate

We will pay fair price, the current market price

The forest – the wealth of Latvia in numbers.

The forest is the wealth of Latvia. To grow a forest, it has to be taken care of. The forest, as well as a person, has its lifetime, in every age it has its needs. It demands attention and care from its owner. Therefore, it is important for the owner to know how to take care of it.


Of the territory of Latvia is covered by forrests

3,3 million

Is the total area of forests in Latvia

1,5 million

Of forests are owned by private forest owners

4th place

In Europe by forest coverage ( by percentage)