About us

Ltd. “Latvijas Mežs” is a company, where specialists with knowledge and experience in logging, as well as specialists with united values are working. We have the latest technology, we act responsibly about our work, customer preferences and, of course, nature.

Our values and mission


The beautiful, unique and valuable Latvian nature is one of the cornerstones of the country’s economy. We stand for responsible action, targets and development of forest industry, which will allow us to preserve nature and improve the quality of life of every citizen.


The forests have an amazing value, which has to be groomed for decades, so there is no place for spontaneous decisions here. Every decision must be strategic, with a view in the distant future.


Honesty to ourselves, our team, our customers and the nature. We believe, that honesty is the basis for long and successful cooperation and successful forestry without it is unimaginable.

Knowledge and experience

We have a broad knowledge of the forestry industry, which we are not afraid to share with customers. Even more, we see it as our duty, because first up in our value scale is the environment, in which we live, and then commerce.

The team

Ltd. “Latvijas Mežs” is founded in 2010. The company brings together professionals with experience in forestry as well as united values. We have the latest technology, we have responsible approach our work, our customers’ wishes and nature.

Pēteris Vīrs

Pēteris has a master’s degree in forest management with specialisation in forestry. Experience has been gained in both – the family forest property and from being a attendant in various international exchange programs. Currently practical experience is gained in the growing and responsible logging company Ltd. “Latvijas Mežs”.

Pēteris considers the forest a profitable opportunity to invest. Like a bank – forest management gives more than 3% interest rate per year from investments. Investments in biological assets are stable, with no major fluctuations and relatively low risks compared with investments in other areas.

Of course, we must remember other forest values that it provides for both – the society and the environment. Forest covers various ecosystem services such as oxygen production, conservation of species diversity and carbon storage. Forest plays an important role in mitigating climate change.

We can not forget, that we are using the forest to pick the berries and mushrooms or, to just relax and spend good time.

Erlens Grunckis

In 1996, Erlens purchased the first felling area without prior experience or knowledge and started working in the forest industry. In 2010, Erlens helped to make and create the company “Latvijas Mežs” as it is today.

Erlen’s values at work are fair-minded attitude towards nature, work and people. Nowadays Erlens advises the clients of company by selflessly helping with valuable advice and a deeper understanding of the industry.

In the forest industry it is difficult to make forecasts. Since there are ongoing changes and there are major impacts of external conditions on the sector, says Erlens, but he likes and performs well at job he is doing. He believes there are enough forests in Latvia to stay here, work and develop. Erlen’s aims to acquire a stable market share in Latvia and develop an industry linked to improved wood processing.

Anita Lapsa

Anita has been a professional accountant for 13 years, joining our team in 2013. She believes accounting is the core of the company’s operations and development.

Like other employees of Ltd “Latvijas Mežs”, Anita is characterised by a great willpower to act on behalf of shared achievements, which gives incentives to do more and more qualitatively. Anita believes that, like any other industry, forestry needs to be developed strategically and with a long-term perspective, as it has a huge role in the country’s economy.

Sintija Putene

Sintija has the education and experience of commercial, marketing, project management and recording. She began building her career in an international company with financial information technology where she got knowhow in the IT world.

In 2014, Sintija joined the team of “Latvijas Mežs” in the office worker possition, but over time Sintija turned to customers and forests. Sintija now works with clients, organise various formalities related to the preparation of the dossier.

Sintija is characterised by persistence, patience and willingness to learn. Sintija admits that, before working in this company, she associated the forest with picking mushrooms and berries, but the work in the company has made her look at the forest differently – to valuate it. It is important for Sintija to be able to generate added value. She believes, that forest management is important and it is important to manage it wisely.


Rokijs was born in January 2014, and has been a devoted member of “Latvijas Mežs” team for several years. He is the first who welcomes employees and guests to arrive at the office. Our communicable and always-positive colleague particularly likes to spend time with the children and run through the woods, breathing the fresh air of the forest. Faithfully to the owner Rokijs will always be watching for the order in both the woods and the office. His favourite snacks are slices of lamb meat! Show that to Rokijs and you will not have seen a happier and more obedient dog.