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Border-mark and borderline renewal in field, evaluation, free consultations and forest regeneration.

We offer

To renew borders and border-marks, so that it would be possible to start forest management work in accordance with forest management plan and your intentions.
We do forest regeneration by analysing the situation and choosing the best suited solutions, as well as during the co-operation process we always provide our clients with free consultations.

Borderline and bordermark renewal

  • We offer certified land surveyor for the land cadastral measurements
  • We do border survey
  • We renew borders

Forest regeneration

  • We help to choose the best suited and most effective forest renewal and planting methods
  • We analyse and suggest the best soil preparing technique
  • We advice the most suitable seedlings
  • We buy the seeds and seedlings
  • We do forest regeneration
  • We do inventory of plantations

Free consultations

  • We provide free consultations
  • We offer multiple solutions
  • We inform you about the progress of forest management work
  • We provide consultations and compile management plans


654 hectares

Is the area of forests we have harvested


Forest owners trust and co-operate with us


Of forests where we work in are located in Vidzeme region


Is the number of property we have faithfully managed.

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Why cooperate with “Latvijas Mežs”

We offer free consultations

Our business has several years of experience in logging industry

After logging we do tidying of territory

We are faithful and responsible partner